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Ashly Cass

Operations Manager

As a dedicated wildlife professional with a passion for avian conservation, Ashly brings a wealth of experience to the role of Operations Manager at SoCal Parrot. With a degree in Zoo Animal Technology and a dedicated career as a zookeeper/animal caregiver since 2014, Ashly has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to the welfare of animals in her care.

Throughout her career, Ashly has gained invaluable hands-on experience in various facets of the animal care field, including husbandry, education/community outreach, staff and volunteer oversight, and management of human/animal emergencies. Her deep understanding of the unique needs and behaviors of avian species, particularly parrots, has proven her to be an asset in the field.

Stepping into the role of Operations Manager at SoCal Parrot as of May 2023, Ashly will guide a network of dedicated and passionate individuals committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of Southern California’s wild parrots. With her varied background in animal care and management, she will provide direction to the organization, ensuring the highest standards of care and consideration for these magnificent birds.

As a long time advocate for wildlife conservation, Ashly is deeply committed to raising awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving wild parrot populations. She plans to actively actively engage with the local community to promote the mission and vision of SoCal Parrot.

For over a decade, SoCal Parrot has been fostering respect and protection for Southern California’s wild parrot populations. Ashly is excited to build upon those past successes while working hard to move the organization forward!

Ashly Cass
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