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Josh Bridwell

Co-Founder | Treasurer | Construction Guy

Josh has been an animal lover his entire life, but it wasn’t until his wife, Brooke, began volunteering at Project Wildlife that he was exposed to a diverse assortment of animals. After helping Brooke care for these animals, he also started volunteering at Project Wildlife. He soon became the Cage Building Team Leader due to his construction background. After several years of volunteering, it became apparent that Brooke and Josh’s true calling centered on parrots…  and so, SoCal Parrot was born.

Josh is SoCal Parrot's Treasurer due to his business background. He has a Business Administration (Entrepreneurial Emphasis) degree from the University of Southern California. Josh comes from a family based in construction and uses that knowledge in building all of SCP’s animal enclosures. He owns several businesses, including a general engineering construction company. Josh holds three contractor’s licenses and is a licensed California real estate broker. Josh's work with conures has earned him the nickname of the "Conure Whisperer."

Josh Bridwell
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